WTDIO-M Digital I/O module

WTDIO-M Digital I/O module

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  • 14 I/O channels; individually configured for input or output.
  • All inputs incorporate a pull-up resistor to 5-volts, simplifying hookup to switch contacts.
  • DIP switch addressable; stack up to 32 modules on the same port for 448 I/O points.
  • Outputs can sink/source up to 25 mA each.
  • Responds to button presses and switch transitions using automatic debounce and typematic repeat with adjustable delay.
  • Decodes 4x4 matrix keypad using auto-debounce and typematic repeat.
  • Turns on/off relays, triacs, switching transistors, etc.
  • One-shot pulse output with software programmable length of 10 to 655,350 µS.
  • Industry standard RS-232 interface. Meets all EIA/TIA-232E and V.28 specifications.
  • Wide power supply range (8 to 30 VDC).
  • Screw-terminal connectors used on all inputs and outputs.

Connects to the RS-232 serial port of a PC, laptop, or other host. Enables software programs to interact with the hardware of a mechanical world via 14 distinct digital-logic input/output channels. Uses include industrial automation, process control, alarm/security, home automation, remote data entry/retrieval, keypad access systems, etc. Easy to use command set minimizes learning curve but preserves a robust, feature rich, functional environment. Ideal for quick set-up and run applications.

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