T-ProbeM - Temperature Sensor with 60cm cable

T-ProbeM - Temperature Sensor with 60cm cable

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The T-ProbeM™ has a 60cm cable with a twisted pair of stranded 18 gauge copper wires. T-ProbeM™ employs a DS18B20 sensor with the normal unique 16 digit address number. The unit's bar code is printed in reverse order to match the Cisco Mediator™ sensor definition.

The T-ProbeM™ differs from other T-Probes in that it has only 2 wires available for connection - data line and ground.

Pins one (ground) and three (Vdd) of the DS18B20 are connected together internally.

In all other respects, the T-ProbeM™ is the equal to the standard T-Probe™. In terms of accuracy range etc., the T-Probe™ / T-Sense™ User manual T-Sense Manual is applicable.

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