T-Probe - Temperature Sensor with 3m cable

T-Probe - Temperature Sensor with 3m cable

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The T-Probe consists of a DS18B20 temperature sensor encapsulated in a moulding and with a 3m cable attached.

The 3m cable is terminated with a RJ45 Connector, which will facilitate a direct connection to all LINK and LINKHub interfaces (but not the DS9490R or DS9097U). Should a different method of connectivity be required, simply remove the RJ45 connector and replace it with the appropriate type, or hard wire the T-Probe™ into the bus. The pinout details may be found here. There is nothing special about the cable length, it can be shortened or extended to the required length. The maximum length will be determined by the normal 1-Wire™ bus criteria; available power, bus weight, RFI, etc.

The lower third of the sensing unit is enclosed in a low pressure moulding. The insulation on the cable is PVC. The temperature range of PVC is +60 degrees C (+140 F); high temp cable is available. Contact us for details and pricing. NOTE: The full temperature range of the sensor (-55C to +125C) is supported by the moulding media.

Temperature response and settling times are shown in Appendix 1 of the T-Sense Manual, along with full spec sheet on the DS18B20.

All 3 leads of the DS18B20 are brought straight through to the RJ45 connector, giving the user full access to the DS18B20. Pin assignments follow the iButtonlink Multisensor standard.

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