Stainless steel iButton container

Stainless steel iButton container

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316 stainless steel enclosure that protects iButton thermochron data loggers in harsh environments or where there is likely to be pressures in excess of 100mB. It can be used with pressures up to 10 Bar or submerged in up to 100m water. Supplied complete with mounting ring.


  • Autoclave and pressure cooker sterilisation
  • Monitoring of beverage or foodstuff production (such as meat pies)
  • Scientific research
  • Seawater temperature profiling


Operating Temperature Range -50°C to +150°C
Dimensions Diameter 25.0mm, Height 18.5mm, widest part of the hex nut is 29.0mm. Weight 40g excluding data logger

Up to 10 Bar or 100m submersion.

The enclosure should be tightened using two spanners before use.

Response Time In Water

63% Step Change: 73 Seconds

10% to 90% Step Change: 142 Seconds

Response Time In Air

63% Step Change: 373 Seconds

10% to 90% Step Change: 717 Seconds


Silicone (VMQ) FDA 70 ShASilicone rubber contains methyl and vinyl groups attached to the main silicone chain.

Silicone O-rings are characterised by excellent resistance to temperature extremes and thermal cycling. Silicone rubber compound does not impart odour or taste, which makes it suitable for many food and pharmaceutical applications.

Please note, if the data logger used inside the SL50-ACC-01 enclosure has any moisture visible, the O-ring should be replaced.

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