Silicone Enclosure (Floating) with handle

Silicone Enclosure (Floating) with handle

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This silicone enclosure provides a cost effective means of protecting an ibutton from water ingress. It is similar to the hc00222 but the handle makes the bung easier to remove and the enclosure as a whole will float rather than sink.

It is constructed from neutral coloured silicone. This produces a lightweight, two part enclosure that protects the data logger at pressures up to 0.5 Bar or depths of 5m.

The maximum operating temperature is well in excess of the +140°C maximum operating temperature of the DS1922E.

The enclosure may be reused many times but the actual number of times depends upon many factors such as the temperature, the liquid type , the duration. Each time before use carefully inspect the cap for signs of damage and if in doubt discard.

Diameter Ø21.6mm, Length 55.0mm Weight: 8g excluding ibutton

Please note, this item is not suitable for use in vacuum applications or in silicone oil.

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