MS - TPD -  Temperature and Flow

MS - TPD - Temperature and Flow

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The temperature measurement is made with a DS-2438Z. The device is not calibrated, but empirical data shows it to be accurate within a few degrees of actual, with an operating range of -40 to +85 ºC. Because the sensing device is partially enclosed and mounted to the PCB, the response time to temperature changes will relatively slow. Care should be taken not to place the sensor in direct sunlight, as the radiant heat will be partially trapped inside the enclosure and cause readings higher than ambient.

The MS-TPD can be employed as an air flow sensor, or as a pressure sensor. The output barbs from the sensor can be virtually re-located by use of plastic tubing, thus allowing measurement of the input/output volume on air handling units, and/or to monitor a pressure differential from the inside of a computer room to the outside. In addition to the above functions, the MS-TPD will report the temperature of its environment.

The sensor requires 12 volts to be supplied on the cable. It must either be used with a LinkHUB ,which will supply 12 VDC via the HubPwr5, or MS-PWR when using a LinkUSB/LinkUSBi or a Link45/Link45i.

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