MS - TC Temperature and current sensor

MS - TC Temperature and current sensor

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In addition to temperature measurement, the MS-TC will measure AC current in the range of 0 to 20 amps. While not calibrated, empirical data indicates a typical accuracy of ±3% of reading. The response curve, established at 23 degrees C, is linear from 0.2 VDC (1 amp.) to 3.78 VDC (20 amps.). The zero current reading is 0.09 VDC. When used with a Link45 or Link12, the output will be voltage as stated above.

When used with a LinkTH, the output will be a 3 digit reading from 1.00 to 20.0. Regardless of the Link model used, readings below 1 ampere and above 20 amperes are not specified.

The sensing device used is a clamp-on current transformer. Dimensions are: 26.4mm x 26.4mm x 40mm. The 'window' or aperture is 10mm in diameter. The box containing the electronics is shipped with 3 feet of 18-gauge wire extending from it. It is up to the user to add or trim wire as desired and to make the final connection to the current transformer.

The User manual including PIN allocation can be found here.

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