MN-ENV-TPR - Temperature and Pressure Sensor (wireless) with relay

MN-ENV-TPR - Temperature and Pressure Sensor (wireless) with relay

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The MeshNet Wireless Temperature and pressure sensor, MN-ENV-TR, provides an intuitive way to reliably monitor and control temperature and barometric pressure in indoor environments. Wireless transmissions utilize the 2.4GHz frequency range allowing for global usage. Each Temperature sensor can be tailored through the user defined parameters to provide the appropriate responsiveness and battery life. The wireless sensors provide highly accurate temperature readings; as well as a pulse counter, and a discrete input.

Greater transmission reliability is provided by each sensor (node) having the capability to both transmit and receive data packets. The receiving capability enables sensors to confirm the reception of data transmissions. If confirmations are not received additional transmissions are made on other 2.4GHz channels. All MeshNet devices report the strength of the transmissions they receive, allowing areas that may be susceptible to interference to be identified and addressed proactively (e.g. adding repeaters).

In addition a latching relay is incorporated into the device allowing currents of up to 2 amps to switched at 220V (DC) or 250V (AC).

Full manual can be found here.

  • Highly accurate sensor.
  • Globally unique 64-Bit serial number.
  • User configurable parameters.
  • Sensors Automatically transmit whenever alarms occur.
  • Energy efficient low power design.
  • Meets FCC, Industry Canada and CE Marking Standards
  • Robust Communication protocol.
  • Universally accepted 2.4Ghz radio frequency.
  • Frequency Hopping.
  • Transmission Confirmation.
  • Mesh Network provides multiple transmission paths.
  • Diagnostic Transmission Data.
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