MBL Touch and Hold Reader

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The Touch and Hold Probe is designed to accept the iButton (in its plastic fob) and hold it for as long as is necessary for the reading process. It is made of three ABS injection-molded parts: the main housing and two covers. These three components are held together with stainless steel screws and nuts.

The iButton and fob are inserted through the front opening of the probe (there is only one correct insertion point). It is then clamped by a spring across its diameter (earth). This clamping action is firm and positive, designed to withstand harsh conditions and vibrations such as those found in moving vehicles and heavy equipment.

The clamping spring is secured with a stainless steel screw and solder tab, with the solder tab taking the earth wire. A second, specially-designed spring, is inserted from the top of the housing and held in place by a T-shaped cover. This spring makes contact with the data surface of the iButton. The spring has a small hole at the back onto which the data wire is soldered.

The touch and hold probe can be installed on surfaces such as front panels or boxes. A rectangular cut-out is required for installation.

Key Features

  • Strong and durable ABS and stainless steel construction
  • Flat panel mounting
  • Postive clamping action holds iButton in place even under adverse conditions


  • Pre-paid meters
  • Security and immobilizer systems
  • Vehicle management systems
  • Equipment for operation by authorised personnel only, such as
    • Computers
    • Vehicles
    • Hi-tech or specialised hardware
    • Machinery
  • Any process that requires data transfer to/from the iButton for a prolonged period (more than a simple touch transfer)
  • Dispensing machines
  • Petrol pumps
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