LinkTH - advanced 1-wire controller

LinkTH - advanced 1-wire controller

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The LinkTH is a more intelligent 1-Wire adaptor that is designed around getting data out rather than just manipulating the 1-Wire network. Previous 1-Wire interfaces such as the Dallas DS9097U required an intimate knowledge of the 1-Wire protocol and the sensors you want to address to get any useful data. With the LinkTH you just ask for it to report, or if you wish, set it to report at the interval of your choice.

The LinkTH uses the same hardware as the Link12 and Link45 and the same low level software for dealing with large and/or complex 1-Wire networks. The difference is in the simpler command set that makes direct use of the LinkTH practical and speeds application development for those who wish to write their own software.

We also offer the THmon software package to LinkTH users for FREE. THMon will:

  1. Update the LinkTH firmware to the version appropriate to that version of THMon.
  2. Automatically detects any sensors connected to the 1-Wire plug (RJ45)
  3. Lets you give a name each of any number of sensors.
  4. Lets you select how often sensors are checked.
  5. It can send E-Mail alarms for low or high temperature conditions with individual set points for each sensor.
  6. Let you look at the log or graph of any of your sensors.
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