LinkHub E, 32K, Ethernet Hub

LinkHub E, 32K, Ethernet Hub

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LinkHubs™ are advanced, intelligent, multiport serial port (LinkHubS32K) or ethernet (linkHubE32K) interfaces for use with Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire™ and iButton™ components. It uses superior digital and analog methods to accomplish more reliable operation on a wide variety of network topologies. It also offers many functions that simplify network communications and some diagnostic tools as well.

There are five (5) 1-wire busses (1 internal and 4 external) which are logically or’ed into a single composite 1-wire bus. Software written for the Dallas Semiconductor DS9097U interface will work even though the 1-wire devices are physically on separate busses. Each external bus can be up to 1000 feet long. This yields a logical 1-wire network of 4000 feet with 4 times the network weight of a standard 1-wire bus.

An extended command set allows the four 1-Wire® ports can be used independently or together. In addition, if one of the 1-Wire® shorts out the remaining channels continue to function normally. When the problem is corrected the channel will reappear and operate normally.

The LinkHub is a powered device, providing +12V and +5V power on the same cable as the 1-wire bus. In addition, local EEPROM storage is provided for user configuration data. A suitable power supply may be found here.

The LinkHub has been designed to operate reliably on long and short 1-Wire busses. This is accomplished by a special analog interface design that uses matched impedances and slew rate controls, as well as smart cable pre-charge. In addition, the firmware (programming) is adaptive and makes adjustments for a variety of network parameters automatically.

The LinkHub is based on the Link, designed in cooperation with Dallas Semiconductor Corp., Dallas, Texas, who is the manufacturer of the 1-Wire and iButton devices and various accessories.

LinkHubs ship WITHOUT power supply. You will need a power supply that can supply 12VDC to a 2.5mm coaxial connector, negative to the center post such as indicated above..

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