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Link OEM

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The LinkOEM module allows you to integrate the functionality of the iButtonLink Link12 or Link45 into your product as a 24 pin, 0.600"spacing Dual Inline Pin (DIP) plug in card.

The LinkOEM Module is an advanced, intelligent serial interface for use with Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire® and iButton® components. It uses superior digital and analog methods to accomplish more reliable operation on a wide variety of network topologies. It also offers many functions that simplify network communications, and some diagnostic tools as well. It takes serial input commands (at TTL levels) and converts them into 1-wire protocol sequences for directly controlling the attached 1-wire bus.

The LINKOEM has been designed to operate reliably on long and short 1-Wire busses. This is accomplished by a special analog interface design that uses matched impedances and slew rate controls, as well as smart cable pre-charge. In addition, the firmware (programming) is adaptive and makes adjustments for a variety of network parameters automatically.

The LINK was designed in cooperation with Dallas Semiconductor Corp., Dallas, Texas, who is the manufacturer of the 1-Wire and iButton devices and various accessories.

Links 12, 12I, 45 & 45I from version 1.1a and later and all LinkTH, Link OEM Module and LinkHub products are firmware upgradeable as new software versions and features become available for a £10 fee (each, including return postage.)

Key features

  • Advanced serial 1-wire driver
  • Adaptive behaviour caters for a wide range of line conditions
  • Advanced Diagnostic features aid network debugging
  • Compact form factor allows easy integration with existing designs
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