Link locator model #1

Link locator model #1

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The LinkLocator sends its own unique 16 digit address, along with the 16 digit address of the iButton being discovered on the 1-wire network. While the ability to read iButton information and reader location is not new, the ability to identify multiple reader locations for under £12 each is. The LinkLocator provides additional functionality, such as LED drivers and digital I/O points, when used with any one of the Link 1-wire master interfaces offered by iButtonLink, LLC.

The LinkLocator Model 1 is packaged as a small cylinder (12mm dia. by 36mm long) with leads exiting from one end. It can be mounted with a simple cable clamp, cable tie, or secured in an electrical box. The electronics are encapsulated in a potting compound, making the device nearly water proof and highly resistant to chemicals. Very useful in situations where the reading devices are pre-existing.

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