iButton wand probe

iButton wand probe

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iButton probe on an aluminium wand with a 75cm cable and RJ12 plug.

This unit is useful where iButtons® are in a protective container and need to be read in the field without removing them from their container. Examples are DS1923 humidity sensors which are often protected with an open ended container such as a yoghurt pot. The 20cm wand allows the iButton® to be read easily. If used with the TDHC reader then the cable is long enough to keep the reader in the pocket (where its audible alarm allows sucessful reading of the ibutton® to be noted) while using the wand to reach for the iButton®.

It has the advantage of not having tactile feedback which means that the ibutton can be read with a very light touch.

The wand is sturdily made of aluminium with a polyester resin encapsulation making it very robust.

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