HA7net - Ethernet 1-wire Host Adapter (DIN rail)

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The HA7Net is a low-cost Ethernet to 1-Wire interface designed to simplify the process of integrating distributed 1-Wire / iButton networks into your application or system. The HA7Net allows end users to enjoy easy remote access to their 1-Wire sensors and devices. Likewise, integrators and OEMs can substantially decrease development time and installation costs associated with deploying systems based on Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire technologies.

Communication Protocols

Primary communication with the HA7Net is accomplished via the HTTP protocol, with optional 128 bit SSL data encryption. The actual data is exchanged in the form of html documents which have been designed to accommodate both human readability and 100% reliable machine parsing. This is accomplished through the use of unique, predictably named form fields that can be automatically parsed by most DOM parsers, or easily digested via regular expressions on lighter weight platforms. Data is passed to the HA7Net in the form of parameters placed in the URL. Since the result pages are human readable, both proof of concept and integration times are reduced as you can effectively interact with 1-Wire devices via the HA7Net using a standard web browser.


  • Simple command support for all 1-Wire devices.
  • Configurable security levels: Secure 128 bit SSL Encryption.
  • Firmware can be flash upgraded from remote.
  • Manages concurrent client connections safely and reliably.
  • Debugging functionality helps simplify software integration.
  • Integrated Real-Time Clock, with option to set periodically from a SNTP server.
  • 3 convenient 1-Wire ports with independently configurable Vcc settings.
  • Automatically provides smart strong-pull-up for 1-Wire sensors.
  • 1-Wire MicroLan capacity of 2000 feet of cable, 100 devices.
  • Built-in Search, Family Search, and Conditional Search, and much more.
  • ESD Protection more than 27kV (IEC801-2 Reference Model.) on the 1-Wire bus.
  • Block mode commands support all 1-Wire device functions.
  • Automatic CRC16 for TMEX files.
  • ABS enclosure. Available in either Panel mount or DIN-Rail mount versions.
  • LED indicators for Ethernet link/activity, power, and 1-Wire activity.
  • Low Cost.


  • Communication: 10/100 Ethernet via 8-Wire RJ-45 (ISO-8877). Both half and full duplex modes of operation are supported.
  • Network Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, Multicast, DHCP, SNTP
  • Concurrent Connections: Supports 6 simultaneous http/s connections.
  • Supply Voltage: 6-12 Volts Supply Current: 300 mA
  • 1-Wire Devices: 100 devices
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