COVID-19 policy

Here at Homechip we are closely monitoring the situation (isn't everyone?) and are taking all possible measures that we can to restrict exposure of our staff and customers. These include

  • Checking that all staff are fully informed as to proper personal hygiene practices including regular washing of hands with soap
  • Making sure that all wash-room facilities¬† are properly stocked with soap and hand wash.
  • Removing the washable towels that we normally use in wash-rooms and replacing them, for the present, with paper towels.
  • Ensuring that dishwasher runs are done at high temperature
  • Wiping down all work surfaces with isopropyl alchohol (IPA) at beginning and end of day
  • Dispatch staff are required to wear mask and disposable gloves while picking and packing customer orders. Gloves are disposed of daily.
  • All staff have been instructed to report sick immediately they develop any symptoms that may be indicative of COVID-19
  • Staff who can work from home (accounts and development mainly) are being encouraged to do so.

I hope that this helps to bring peace of mind to our customers during these rather interesting times.

Nigel Titley