WTTCP-M Thermocouple Input module

WTTCP-M Thermocouple Input module

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  • 4 thermocouple input channels.
  • DIP switch addressable; stack up to 32 modules on the same port for 128 inputs.
  • Accepts J, K, T, E (ungrounded) thermocouples.
  • Each channel individually selectable to read temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Temperature conversions use high-order polynomial equations eliminating look-up table interpolation errors.
  • Incorporates on-board temperature sensor; no ice-point reference necessary.
  • Thermocouple inputs protected to ±40 volts.
  • Software calibrated; no trim-pots to adjust.
  • All user configuration and calibration data stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Wide power supply range (8 to 30 VDC).

Connects to the RS-232 serial port or USB adapter on a PC, laptop, or other host. Stack multiple cards together. Attach up to four separate thermocouples of various types and use the host to read the temperatures of each. Simple command strings sent from the host will initiate a conversion on an input channel which in turn will, read the thermocouple voltage in µV, convert it to temperature, then add the cold junction reference temperature. The results returned to the host will be equal to the absolute temperature of the thermocouple tip and can be listed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. This module is ideal for wide range temperature measurement in harsh industrial environments using a PC or laptop for data collection.

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