MBL Touch probe with bi-colour LED (marine grade stainless steel)

MBL Touch probe with bi-colour LED (marine grade stainless steel)

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As a result of extensive consultations with users of touch memory technology, MBL Technologies has developed a new probe which overcomes many problems encountered in the field: the Touch Probe.

Touch memory technology is used primarily in applications relating to physical security, access control, vehicle protection, and fleet management. The MBL Technologies probe accepts the standard iButton® (Microcan®) supplied by Dallas-Maxim Semiconductor. Data is transferred to and from the iButton by touching its surface onto the MBL Technologies probe.

A weatherproof housing is available for where the touch reader has to be mounted outside and exposed to rain.

The central contact has been redesigned and enlarged to prevent "dishing" of the iButton which was observed on some earlier models.

This variant of the MBL touch probe is intended to be used in very aggressive environments and is made of SS316 grade stainless steel. It is suitable for saline  environments such as seawater and road salt.

Key features

  • Solid ABS Housing
  • All metallic parts made of stainless steel
  • Sealed, weatherproof construction
  • Positive panel mounting, using a large and secure plastic nut
  • Insulated body, so can be mounted on metallic panel
  • Built-in bicolour LED (red and green standard, but any other colours available upon request)
  • Attractively priced
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