MeshNet Repeater (High powered)

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The MeshNet Repeater is designed to enlarge the size of the wireless network and increase the integrity of the wireless transmissions. The MeshNet Repeater provides this capability by continually listening for wireless transmissions from wireless MeshNet sensors and Controllers. When a transmission is received by the Repeater the data is the retransmitted to the Sensor or Controller. In essence a repeater can more than double the wireless networks size through the repeating function and the higher power radio. The Repeaters also provide alternative paths to the Controller and Sensors which allow the self-healing of the wireless network in response to changes in the wireless environment.

  • Mesh Network Topology Improves Wireless Network Performance.
  • Enlarges the Wireless Network.
  • Globally unique 64-Bit serial number.
  • Plug-N-Play installation.
  • User configurable parameters.
  • Improved receiving sensitivity.
  • Robust Communication protocol.
  • Universally accepted 2.4Ghz radio frequency.
  • Frequency Hopping.
  • Increases signal strength of transmissions.
  • Complies with FCC, Industry Canada and CE Marking requirements.
  • Diagnostic Transmission Data.

Easy Repeater setup

Each MeshNet repeater requires a physical connection to the Controller in the initial setup (linking). The linking process allows the repeater and controller to exchange necessary information for joining the unique Wireless network which also enables multiple MeshNet wireless networks to coexist. Repeaters can switch MeshNet wireless networks through repeating the linking process with the new wireless network's controller. The Plug-n-Play linking process is completed by following the simple steps below:

  • Take the supplied 3.5mm linking cable and attach it to the MeshNet Controller.
  • Attach the remaining 3.5mm plug and attach it to the MeshNet Repeater.
  • Connect Power to the Controller followed by the Repeater.
  • Wait for the LED to quit blinking. (It will take approximately 5 seconds).
  • Disconnect the linking cable from the Repeater and Controller.
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