DS1982-F3 - 1K add only iButton

DS1982-F3 - 1K add only iButton

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This is a flexibly programmable database for storing information about a product, piece of equipment, or person or for one-way counting down. Like all iButtons, the DS1982 has a unique serial number for associating a digital address with an object or person and a 1-Wire interface. The port interface provides both the physical link and handles the communication protocols that enable the processor to access iButton resources with simple commands.

The DS1982's particular feature is 1 Kb user-programmable EPROM. The EPROM may be programmed multiple times in incremental add-ons that change individual bits from 1 to 0; alternatively, the entire 1 Kb of memory can be programmed at once and then write-protected. This count-down type of memory usage is useful for debit tokens. By means of iButton accessories, the DS1982 can be mounted to make read/write access convenient to the application.

Key features

  • 1024-bits EEPROM
  • EPROM partitioned into four 256-bit pages
  • Each page can be permanently write-protected
  • Add-only memory allows additions to EPROM without disturbing existing data
  • Control, address, data, and power signals reduced to a single data pin
  • 2.8V to 6.0V range
  • -40?C to +85?C range
  • >10 years data retention
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