DS1996L-F5# 64k NVRAM

DS1996L-F5# 64k NVRAM

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The DS1996 iButton is a portable data carrier that can store up to 64kbits in nonvolatile memory. It communicates with a processor using the 1-Wire protocol through a hardware port interface. The port interface provides both the physical link and handles the communication protocols that enable the processor to access iButton resources with simple commands. Other memory includes a unique, 64-bit registration number and a 256-bit scratchpad from which data can be verified before copying to memory. An overdrive mode boosts communication speed to 142kbits/second.

The DS1996 is extremely durable and can be attached to an object, person, or circuit board by means of accessories. Applications include access control, work-in-progress tracking, storage of calibration constants, and debit tokens.

Key Features

  • 65,536 bits read/write nonvolatile memory
  • Communication speed of 142kbits/second in overdrive mode
  • 1-Wire interface
  • 64-bit ROM registration number
  • 256-bit scratchpad
  • Data integrity assured with strict read/write protocols
  • Memory partitioned into 256 256-bit pages
  • Operating range -40°C to +70°C
  • >10 years data retention
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