DS1402D-DR8+ Blue Dot receptor iButton reader cable

DS1402D-DR8+ Blue Dot receptor iButton reader cable

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The DS1402D-DR8 is a part of the DS1402 series. It is a 1-Wire network cable designed to connect any serial or USB 1-Wire port adapter that has a RJ11 jack with up to two iButtons simultaneously. The DS1402D-DR8 Blue Dot receptor cable can touch any iButton for reading, but can only retain the F5 version iButtons.

Key Features

  • Coiled cable for connecting iButtons to 1-Wire networks (8 ft when fully extended).
  • Convenient, off-the-shelf connectivity.
  • For momentary (F3/F5 MicroCan) or dwelled contact (F5 MicroCan only).
  • Adhesive pad for mounting on objects.
  • Supports for up to two iButtons at once.
  • Can be used with any Dallas Semiconductor or iButtonLink port adapter.
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