TempTec-R Thermochron Reader

TempTec-R Thermochron Reader

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The TempTec Reader can download up to 370 files from iButton Thermochron temperature dataloggers, by touching the loggers for a few seconds. The Reader clearly shows whats happening during downloading. A green light on the the Reader will signal that the download for each individual temperature datalogger is complete. A red light will signal that an alarm has been triggered.

The Reader can be used to check the cold chain integrity and download the files that now hold all the information from point of shipment to arrival.

If a Temp-Tec-R reader is used, there is no need to take the loggers to a PC, as the files are already in the reader, which can download all the files quickly. The files are sorted, according to date and time, comments lines, alarms and serial numbers. These files are later downloaded to a computer, and can be saved and viewed as graphs, exported to spreadsheets or emailed. iButton Thermochron data loggers are now collected to be returned.

TempTec System is equally suited to monitor storage temperatures. The loggers are set up to wrap around (logging every 5 minutes for weekly or every 30 minutes for monthly reading). The placement of each logger may be entered in the comment fields. The loggers may then be wall mounted as decided.

Collecting the files is easy using the TempTec-R Reader. Each week or month the loggers may be touched and downloaded. The reader is then offloaded to a PC so the files may be saved, viewed, printed and stored for proof of correct storage temperatures.

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