Quad 1-wire heavy duty relay board

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The quad 1-wire relay board from Homechip allows the switching of four heavy duty loads from a 1-wire bus. Each relay is capable of switching up to 5A at 250V AC or 30V DC. The heavy duty relay contacts are capable of a minimum of 100,000 operations (unlike some cheaper boards on the market). Each channel has a red LED indicator making it easy to see which relays are activated. Pass-though wiring makes wiring the board simple. Dialectric isolation is greater than 3000V.

  • Each board has a 1-wire unique address
  • Heavy duty relays, minimum 100,000 operations
  • 5A per channel at 250V
  • LED indicators of channel activation
  • Four independent channels
  • RJ12 pass-through 1-wire connections for simple daisy-chaining on 1-wire bus
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