Plasterboard temp/humidity sensor

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Introducing a temperature and humidity sensor fit for your walls. This multi-use 1-Wire® based sensor can be embedded into walls or fixtures using the simple insert design. The case has a threaded wall holder that can be driven into plasterboard (gypsum board) with a few twists, allowing the sensor body to slide in and be almost flush with the wall. The front has a small opening for the sensor to measure the temperature and humidity, this opening should never be covered or filled. The sensor comes with pre-stripped 18AWG wires for easy connection via wire nuts.

The SS-WALL-TH uses iButtonLink smart sensor technology to embed a microprocessor into a 1-Wire® sensor, allowing for more accurate sensing abilities than in other 1-Wire® humidity sensor designs.

The sensor has a temperature sensing range of -40 to +85 C, with a typical accuracy of ± 0.3 degrees C and a max error of ± 0.5 degrees C.

The sensor will work in 0-100% relative humidity, non-condensing. The sensor does have a HDPE cover to protect from occasional condensation, frequent condensation is not recommended. The humidity sensor is accuracy is typically ± 2% and max ± 3.5% from 0-80% RH with a max error of ± 5% above 80% RH. For more information on the SS-WALL-TH Temperature and Humidity Sensor, please visit here.

Note that the user manual doesn't tell you the wire colours for the device. These are

Red - 5V power, Black - GND, Blue -1-wire data

Like all silicon based humidity sensors, the SS-WALL-TH does drift over time, and can be adversely affected by continuous exposure to very humid, or very dry, environments. The low maximum drift of 0.5% RH per year allows the sensor to be deployed for a longer time than other silicon humidity sensors before calibration or testing.

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