LinkUSBi - 1-wire controller with identity (modular)

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LinkUSBi (modular)™ is an advanced intelligent USB 2.0 full speed 1-Wire® interface. It uses superior digital and analog methods to accomplish more reliable operation on a variety of network communications, as well as some diagnostic tools. The LinkUSBi differs from the LinkUSB in having a unique identity that is required to operate with certain software products such as Thermodata Viewer.

The LinkUSBi has been designed to operate reliably on long or short 1-Wire busses. It has a special analog interface designed to match impedances and slew rate controls, and smart cable pre-charge.

LinkUSBi drivers were designed in cooperation with Dallas Semiconductor Corp.

The same strong drivers used in the Link45 (tested to 300m on cat5 cable), the power advantage of the USB serial bus, the integrity of injection moulding and a very competitive price, make the LinkUSBi™ a major enhancement to the 1-Wire world.

The LinkUSBi modular comes without cable but does have a microUSB socket so you can use a USB cable of your choice.

The USB cable eliminates the strain point between the LinkUSBi's electronics and the USB connector: a problem that continues to plague the DS9490R.

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