Link45i 1-wire controller (RJ45 + address)

Link45i 1-wire controller (RJ45 + address)

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Features of the basic link (Link45, and Link12):

  • 1-Wire Bus interface certified by Dallas Semiconductor
  • Fox-Bus® interface with automatic 1Wire/Fox-Bus® detection
  • Emulates Dallas DS9097U interface
  • Fully compatible with Dallas TMEX and iButton Viewer software
  • Greatly increased stability for large or small networks
  • Reliable operation beyond 300 meters
  • Operates on "parasitic" power obtained from the RS-232/serial port control lines
  • Network debugging and sniffer features included
  • Intelligent bus interface algorithm

The "Link" provides an ASCII interface to Dallas 1-Wire® or Fox-Bus® networks. Links come in several variations but all are microcontroller-based replacements for the Dallas DS9097U-09 and provide increased reliability and performance particularly on large or complicated 1-Wire® networks. The Link uses an advanced bus interface and intelligent algorithms to make 1-Wire® communications more reliable at short and long distances. (The algorithms and interface for this device were originally developed at Dallas Semiconductor.) The LINK works with Dallas TMEX® and iButton® Viewer software whether connected to 1-Wire or FxB® networks.

This version of The Link has a unique address associated with it, which may be needed to use it with certain software packages such as the Thermodata series

1-Wire®, iButton® and TMEX® are all trademarks of Dallas Semiconductor Corp.

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