BAE0910 five i/o 1-wire slave chip

BAE0910 five i/o 1-wire slave chip

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This compact SOIC-8 chip has many features:

Five I/O pins allows various functions:

  • One to four 16 bits PWM: two hardware (PWM1 & 2) + two software (PWM3 & 4)
  • One 8 bits ADC input 0 to 5V
  • One 32 bits counter
  • One strong (20mA) digital output
  • One PIO, software selectable as INPUT or OUTPUT (20mA)

Special capabilities:

  • The embedded firmware is upgradable directly from the 1-wire bus
  • An integrated Automation Engine allows autonomous reaction to input events

Compatibility with 1-wire protocol:

  • Standard speed operation: protocol implemented with low latency interrupts in background.
  • Supports all standard ROM commands: read rom, match rom, search rom, skip rom, resume rom, conditional search
  • Unique serial number
  • Family code 0xFC: future devices will use this family code. The read_type & read_version commands allows the model/revision to be determined.

Additional features:

  • 32 bits RTC clock incrementing each second.
  • PIO has configurable internal pull-up / pull-down resistor
  • 32 bits counter is configurable on rising/falling edge
  • 4096 bits EEPROM storage
  • PWM
    • Versatile clock allows range from 2Hz to 8MHz
    • polarity selectable
    • 0 % and 100% duty cycle possible
  • ADC
    • works in continuous conversion mode (no start conversion command)
    • calculate average over one second (configurable from 2 to 4000 samples/sec)
    • sums every one second averages in 32 bits accumulators
    • registers maintain min and max measured
    • configurable alarms for conditional search
    • 8 bits samples can be handled as unsigned or signed (middle offset)
    • Signed samples can accumulate on distinct counters
  • Firmware upgradable via 1-wire bus

Physical characteristics:

  • Single chip microcontroller based solution in an 8-pin SOIC.
  • 5.0V supply voltage, 8mA typical consumption
  • Powerful 32MHz operation
  • Fully functional without additional external components
  • Powered by Freescale MC9S08SH8CSC microcontroller

Typical usage: extend the functionalities available on 1-wire networks

  • PWM
  • Very precise servo controller for toys, webcams, …
  • DC Motor controller (require power drivers like mosfet or H-drive)
  • Buzzer control with programmable volume and tone
  • From LED dimming down to LED blinking (2Hz)
  • RGB LED's: precise control of intensity for each component of RGB LED’s
  • ADC
  • Watt-meter with ADC accumulators
  • Solar energy meter
  • Counter
  • Water-meter
Full manual available here
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