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Posted by Benedicte Titley on

Springtime. We’d all love to go out to the beach, to a nature reserve but we are all confined, locked up by our own free will and the desire to avoid spreading The Virus. We are rediscovering the charms and the narrow limits of being at home 24/7.

We have had to furlough some of the team, who cannot work from home but we’ll try to stay open as long as we can to serve you, as a good number of you are in those essential services we depend upon.

Meanwhile we are making sure that all sanitation recommendations are adhered to, and that nobody is unnecessarily put at risk.

So, Good People if you need something we have, buy it, email us, call us (we may take longer to answer) and we’ll try our best to dispatch quickly.

Stay safe, keep a sense of humour, and keep yourselves busy.

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